Add GIFs to Pic-Time

Add GIFs to Pic-Time

At long last, we are excited to say that your Pic-Time galleries now offer GIF support! You can now add GIFs to both galleries and gallery covers. Capture your clients attention with gentle movement and provide them with a new way to relive beautiful moments.

Find out more about the technical details here. Your GIF should ideally be less than 1MB, although you can upload up to 50MB. If you sell high-res or custom product downloads, you can give your clients the option to purchase your GIFs. If you don’t sell downloads, GIFs will not be displayed in the store.

We asked our Ambassadors Ben and Ashley from Rosey Red Photography to tell us how they incorporate GIFs into their workflow. Here’s what they said!

GIF’s are integral to the way we create and communicate, and we couldn’t be more excited that Pic-Time has just released GIF integration in their galleries.

Beyond utilizing them in pop culture to get a good laugh (we personally can’t get enough of Ron Swanson on Snake Juice), it’s another step in revealing all that meaty juicy real stuff in a relatable way, appealing to an even deeper source of emotions. It’s personal and it moves the story along.

The way we see it, a GIF incorporated into a photo story should have a purpose. We shoot them intentionally, looking for things we know will propel a story forward.

Good news for all you perfectionists out there - all the normal Pic-Time customization settings you’ve come to love from Pic-Time, like enlarging images within the gallery to enhance the story, applies here. You have total control over how these new pieces will be seen (insert GIF of an excited cat).

We fully realize that at this moment, you’re probably scratching your head thinking - ok, that’s nice, but how do I make them? The gist of it is - shoot on high speed burst mode, color correct them first, compile them into a GIF in photoshop and voila.

If you want a more detailed explanation, we have a guide in the works with all the nitty-gritty details of how we GIF. Head here to be the first to know when our GIF Guide is officially released:

If you’re a French speaker, our Ambassador Eric Rene Penoy has created this GIF tutorial for you!

Thanks Ben & Ashley!

For optimal GIF viewing experience your GIF should ideally be less than 1MB, although you can upload up to 50MB.

Make sure to update your Pic-Time Uploader to version 3.0.167778.0 or higher to get your galleries moving. Learn more about GIFs here and head here to find out about our uploader.

We can’t wait to see how you bring your Pic-Time galleries to life! To see GIFs in action, you can browse Rosey Red’s magical online gallery Into the Rabbit Hole

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