SmartSlides Integration

SmartSlides Integration

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Pixellu SmartSlides! This simple slideshow maker will help you share your clients stories through imagery and music, all in one efficient and effortless process. Read on to see three reasons why we think you should give SmartSlides a try!

1. Compatible with Pic-Time

Slideshows are one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Now you can upload slideshows within each scene as well as add text to each video. Check out our full Sample Gallery by Jennifer Moher!

Simply create a beautiful slideshow with SmartSlides, and upload it through the video button found where you upload your photos. Learn More

With this integration, we hope to help you maximize the impact of your gallery in an emotional way that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

2. Beautiful Storytelling

Every good story leaves an impact on the viewer. You already know how to create beautiful imagery, so why not pair them with music to make the story come alive? The beauty of SmartSlides is that it features an impressive library of world-class, royalty-free music tracks, all available for you to use without the hassle of licensing fees. Their library is organized by mood and type, helping you find the perfect track in just a few minutes. Whether you’re showcasing a wedding or a family shoot, you are sure to find a track that fits your style.

What’s even more impressive is SmartSlides’ new Beat-Matching feature, which automatically matches your photos to the rhythm of the song. This feature can be enabled on any song included in their library with a simple click of a button, and adds the perfect touch to make your slideshow even more visually appealing.


3. Impression that Lasts

As a photographer, it can be hard to make your work stand out against competition. Video content truly is a great way to not only tell a story, but to grab the attention of viewers of all kinds. Next time you create a gallery in Pic-Time, add a SmartSlides slideshow to help you present your photos in a way that’s coherent with your brand and gives your clients a viewing experience unlike any other. Seeing their photos come alive results in a truly effective emotional response and your clients will be far more excited to print and share your work on their social networks.

Post your Pic-Time gallery, featuring your SmartSlides slideshow to your active platforms, always making sure to tag your clients. This will not only give you better engagement online, but also bring extra traffic your way. The more you post and promote, the more potential clients will see your work!


Bonus Tip: Invest in a portable projector and create same-day slideshows at your events. This is a great way to not only impress your clients, but market your work to all of the attendees, and create a early engagement with your gallery at the event. A fool-proof, simple way for more leads and more guests signed up for the gallery (make sure to choose the collect email option in your preferences).


SmartSlides is truly the simplest slideshow maker we’ve tried; it took us just a few minutes to sign up for a free SmartSlides trial and create a stunning and engaging photo slideshow. The best part? Pic-Time users can get the SmartSlides Pro plan exclusively for $1/mo for the first 3 months. Simply use code PICTIME18 at checkout.

We are thrilled to partner with the incredible SmartSlides team and hope you enjoy this newest feature. Special thanks to Jennifer Moher for the sample gallery!



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September 2018 Updates